Parent Resource: Tips for Raising Teens

As a parent, it can be tough to raise a teenager.  Teenagers want their independence but at the same time want to know that they are loved.  Somedays can be tough and seem as if they will never end.  Here's a list of 12 tips that can help you get through the day and may even make your day more enjoyable. 


Online Scripture Reflection


The Martha Syndrome

"You may have the Martha Syndrome if you think God needs you to accomplish divine work in the world." 

As youth ministers we may fall into this trap.  Read Steve Gerali's thoughts to find out if you are "underestimating God's sovereignty and overestimating your contribution to God's work."

It's important to be for the Lord rather than do!  BE with Him! 


Pope's Address to Youth

The Pope tells the youth that sanctity is for all youth.  No person is too young to become holy.  Holiness is for all ages.  In God becoming man, He entered the world as a child.  He chose to become a child to show us the way and bear witness to the father. 


"Spe Salvi" is for Youth

Our Holy Father tells university students that his new encyclical, "Spe Salvi", is for them - is for the youth!  He invites young people to have both individual and group reflections using the new material.

"Is the theme of hope perhaps not particularly suitable for youth?"