We are all called to become saints!

The month of November is dedicated to All Souls.  We are asked to remember all those who gave gone before us in our prayers.  Our mission as members of the Church is to become holy.  The Saints provide us with great examples of holiness.  In the Office of Readings for the Feast of All Saints, St. Bernard describes why we venerate the saints.  In calling the saints to our minds, we are spured on to set our eyes on things above and not things of earth.  Check out this article to read more. 


Pope Benedict XVI'S Q-and-A Session with YOUTH in Loreto

Read the Pope’s answers to important questions asked by the youth in Loreto.  The Pope explains how youth are important, because they are each known and desired by God.  God has a plan for each of them.  He talks about the importance of the parish and how it needs to be the place where youth can find inspiration.  The Eucharist should be available for the youth to encounter Christ.  He invites each of us to live in hope and trust in God and His plan.  The Pope understands how hard it can be to hear God, but he encourages each of us to continue striving.  The Lord will speak, we must be patient and keep our hearts open. Read more »


OYM Interns Final Thoughts of Their Summer

This past summer we were very fortunate to have two excellent interns working for the Office of Youth Ministry. The interns generously worked several days each week (unpaid) and attended and assisted at our summer events and programs. Here are their thoughts on their OYM Internship experience:Amy Eschelbach Mike Fitzgerald


Saying Goodbye Again

This summer seems to have been the summer of goodbyes.

 In June we said goodbye to Dan Thraen who moved to Iowa to be closer to his family.  We wish him and his family well.

 Last week we said goodbye to Ray Buehler, our web developer for the Catholic Youth Apostolate.  Ray has entered the seminary to further discern his vocation to the priesthood.  Although we will miss him greatly, we continue to pray for him and all those discerning vocations.