American "Idol Gives Back" Funds Abortions

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Before you make a phone call tonight to donate to "Idol Gives Back", you should know that some of your money will fund organizations that support abortions as a means of "helping the children". 

Below is the email message I sent to those involved in making decisions on this project.  I admire their desire to help children, but simply hope they will change the organizations they support this year or in future years.

For those coordinating the "Idol Gives Back" program and gift: As an American Idol fan, I am extremely disappointed to know that two of the organizations benefiting from "Idol Gives Back" do not truly help children, but in fact kill the most vulnerable and weak, through abortion.  Aren't the helpless exactly who you are trying to aid?   I will no longer support American Idol in any way if you follow through with giving to UNICEF and Save the Children.  As a public speaker to about 10,000 teens each year for the Catholic Church, I will also make public your efforts to support the destruction of weak children.  The voiceless and vulnerable are those most in need of our aid and we will not be quiet as long as the mass killing of third-world babies continues. Please look into supporting other organizations that truly help all the children in their care.  Please avoid supporting groups that kill some children in their efforts to help other children.  Is any one life more valuable or worth rescuing than another? Lastly, years ago Target supported abortion providers until a public out-cry put a damper in their sales.  They wisely switched to promoting other charities, striving to help all people, and have seen many customers return.  American Idol has been a clean, family-safe program and has an outstanding reputation across this country.  Your efforts to give back could take your program to the next level.  But, instead, with a nation more pro-life than pro-abortion, I envision a decision to support UNICEF and Save the Children will severely damage your reputation and following, even after this charitable effort concludes.   Peace,

Heather Gallagher

 *If you'd like to send a similar message, feel free to email it to the following:

Even if it's after the event, your email could show your disappointment with Idol and could affect their decision-making for the next time they do such a project.

For more on the connection UNICEF and Save the Children have with abortion:

*2008 Update: Although Idol seems to no longer support UNICEF, according to the website, they continue to support Save the Children and now The Global Fund, a different organization who also believes the cure for AIDS is in killing, through abortion.