I'm in Love

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You might be wondering…does Heather have a boyfriend? Well, yes I do (he’s a hottie, too, from my Looking for Hotties blog) but I started this blog long before we fell in love and the idea behind it will continue whether we stay together or not.

My Love Life

As a single woman, now 30 years old, people often ask me, “How’s your love life?” For the past few years, I haven’t had a boyfriend, so you can guess my response to that question. Or can you? When thinking about that question a few months ago, I realized that the only response I could honestly give, whether I have a boyfriend or not, is that my love life is amazing!

Through God’s love – directly experienced in my prayer life, through the sacraments, Mary’s intercession, The Cross, and indirectly from my loving friends and family members – I am overflowing with love. By nothing more than God’s generosity, I am full. On any given weekend, if I’m not having fun, relishing in intimate relationships and friendships, I’m cherishing quiet time where I can let God love me, just as I am. Because God loves me so well, I am so in love with him.

Go Fall in Love!

Frequently I get emails from teens who either want to be in love or have recently left a romantic relationship and sense a great loss from not being in love anymore. My advice to them is…fall in love!

My friend Bill is in love with me. He told me a couple months ago he was in love with me and when I see him now and then, there’s a sparkle in his eyes. He said his wife of over 50 years is well aware that he is in love with me and she doesn’t mind one bit. Over the years, I think I’ve fallen in love with Bill, too. In fact, I’m also in love with my grandma – I always feel good playing cards and going to Steak-n-Shake with her. I’m in love with my parents, sister, brother-in-law, nieces and nephew and close friends.

So, fall in love with the people already in your life – you can experience incredible feelings just being with people who know and love you. And, if you want to experience love from others, then give it. Sacrifice for someone – see how much they’ll love you for it. Help your mom when you usually don’t, play a game with a younger sibling or cousin, listen to the kid that no one listens to. I’m certainly far from perfectly loving others, but I’ve found that trying to love people is the best path toward the abundant, full love life.

If all the relationships in your life seem to fail you, fall in love with an activity or hobby. Although they can’t “love” you back, they can certainly give you warm feelings. Fall in love with a book series you’ve always wanted to read, take an art class, join a community theater on stage or backstage, try a new sport, scrapbook, workout, go through an entire cookbook surprising yourself and your family with what you concoct. The opportunities are endless for you to be “in love” with someone or something.

What are you waiting for? If you don’t already have a love life – go get one! Start by simply accepting God's love, then try to share that love to people already in your life and you'll be falling in love before you know it (they'll fall in love with you, too). Soon, you’ll also say that your love life is nothing less than amazing.

Dedicated to one of my dearest friends…Billy.