Top 4 Dance Moves of the 90's

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The Top 4 Dance Moves of the 1990’s


  1. Robocop
  1. Tootsie Roll
  1. Roger Rabbit
  1. MC Hammer (also known as the running man)

You might be wondering why I wrote a blog on the best dance moves of the 1990’s (Heather’s humble opinion, of course).  Well, this is my fantastic way of introducing you to my new season of blogs.  Since I prepared for marriage, got married and had Maria, I have produced one blog.  Yes, I was preoccupied, but I am now full of ideas that have been stored up in me for the past year and half.

Two themes that you will see pop up now and then in the blogs to come include Top 4 lists and the life issues.  I hope to present fresh perspectives on the life issues as some have been beaten to death throughout the election.  And, I hope to interject some fun and hopefully fruitful thoughts through the Top 4 Lists.  We shall see how it goes.

I share with you this sneak peak of my 2009 blogging not because I believe you’re salivating to hear the line-up, but I need a way to keep myself accountable to what I promise to God I would do.  And, maybe it’ll intrigue you enough to take a gander at one or two of them throughout the year.

Back to the dance moves – there is another motive behind this Top 4 List.  My knowledge of dance moves came from years of studying and performing.  I would watch the competitions on ESPN faithfully every single year to learn the craft.  I even learned several routines myself by using the pause and rewind button over and over again, jumping around in my living room.  When I am honest, I must admit that pom-pons, for several years, was the lord of my life.  I spent all my time and attention perfecting my skills and helping our squad succeed at Nationals.  Even as a Mass-attending Catholic, my focus was not on my faith or my relationship with Jesus, it was on the Roger Rabbit and MC Hammer.

We often encourage teens to examine the “gods” in their lives.  It certainly is not bad to be involved in sports or hobbies, or to even dedicate to them a good chunk of time and valiant effort.  However, when those activities take the primary role in our lives, that’s when we’ve shoved God to the back-burner and placed something else as our top concern.

This examination is good for me as an adult as well.  Is my cooking, job or even relationship with my daughter and husband becoming my “god”?  Do I start my day offering everything to God or begin thinking through the many tasks that need to get done?  Do I think of him throughout the day or just when I’m going to bed?  Is my face set on seeking his face and doing his will or just whatever seems to work for me each day?  If I say that Jesus is Lord, is he really?