BRRR.. it's cold!

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Man it's cold!   

Have you said those words today? this week? the whole past month?!? every time I walk outside I've probably said "UGH it's sooo cold out here!"-- I moan and groan about having to walk to class in the freezing cold air, or to bundle up when it's below zero outside, or driving through the snow and ice. it's obvious to ANYONE that the weather is yes, cold outside.

We are so capable of recognizing the cold, so much that we state the obvious when we tell our friends it's cold outside. um.. DUH! anyone who has feeling can tell! but.. WHY are we not able to realize the own coldness of our hearts sometimes? That feeling when we well, don't feel God, we are numb to the beauty that He has put into our lives, and we fail to see all those that need us to act as love toward them.

One of my absolute FAVORITE places to go is the adoration chapel, for more than one reason. Spending time with Jesus is well, amazing (there I go stating the obvious again!) but there is this warmth I feel when I walk in there. Almost as if the serentity of the chapel comes over me, and the Holy Spirit offers me this complete sense of peace and silence in my life. However, I've always noticed how WARM adoration chapels feel. You may think I'm absolutely crazy, but they have this cozy, warm, sensation that I get every time I walk through those doors. Yes, I'm sure is Jesus' presence, for HE is the one who warms my heart up when it is cold to all those around me, and especially to HIM! Just in sitting with Him for a little while every week offers me the warmth to my heart that I let so easily slip away when I do things in which cause me to turn from God:when I gossip, when I say bad words/things, when I do not act in the way that a woman of God should, etc. (you get the idea here). The farther I get from God, the colder my heart gets, yet I can seriously become so incredibly oblivious to that coldness, and sometimes it will take until the moment that I experience the warmth, which thankfully brings me back well, to God.

It's just like when I'm walking for a really long time in the cold but then I get into the house and feel oh so warm again! Our relationships with God are the same way... they are there to keep us warm, for we can always return to Him.

Please keep in mind all those who are without homes right now, especially during the cold days and nights. Everytime I find myself complaining, I remember that I have been blessed to have a WARM house, a WARM car, and even better, a WARM heart.

And Dear St. Sebaldus, patron saint of against cold weather, please pray for us to warm our hearts and remain open to our God. :)