On The Go

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I often, as all of you do I'm sure, find myself "on the go" where I am constantly running to somewhere else or to get something else accomplished. Really quickly, I wanted to share an opportunity with you for prayer, especially during this Lent.

 I know that Lent has already begun, but if you're anything like me and you're prayer life is not up to par exactly, no worries! There was some wonderful  genius who created prayer just for people like you and me!

Pray-as-you-go!!! and yes, that is what it is called!


Each 20 minute prayer is full of meditation, scripture readings, reflection time, and peaceful music. the best part is that you can go onto the website and make it fit into YOUR DAY.

Just download each day for that whole week, put it on your iPod, or onto a cd for the car while you are driving, or even just save it in your "favorite" places on your computer.

Really now, there should be no excuse if you didn't get your prayer in today. I challenge you to try it for the remainder of Lent and even afterwards for all of you on-the-go people!

And have a blessed Lenten Season!