Graduating is Scary

Katie Lucchesi's picture

The end of the school year is just a few short weeks away, which, in my life means that graduation and the real world are to follow immediately. This past weekend's gospel made me realize what it means to actually 'leave' someone/something you love. But it also reminded me how no matter where physically Christ is, he is always present with us and even as he was leaving his disciples, he promised to send them an ‘advocate’ to always be present with them. Maybe it’s just me, but I related this aspect of the gospel to my leaving SLU this upcoming May.

It made me think about how scared the disciples must have felt knowing that Jesus was leaving them, even if he was still sending an ‘advocate’, the Holy Spirit. They must have been fearful, the way I am fearful of the change to come. It’s not to say that I am regretful of my time at SLU, nor am I weary of what is to come, not at all! However, there is always a sense of excitement and nervousness with the approaching graduation day, and I think that the disciples felt the same way.

So here are those disciples, all those who have had Jesus as part of their lives for so many years, and  he tells them that he will never leave them orphans because of the most amazing gift from God ever, his love. I’m pretty sure that during all this talk of Jesus leaving, the disciples didn’t want him to pack his bags and go; and then to convince them that he was still always going to be with them, no matter how reassured they felt, was probably still very difficult. I kind of feel like both Jesus and the disciples right now… and in a way, I think every senior kind of is. I am the one packing my bags and leaving, but I’m also the one being left. It’s a scary thought, really.


The difference, however, between anxiousness and excitement, fear and courage, is trust. The disciples trusted Jesus. They did just as he suggested; they believed and they lived because he lived. And while he may not have been part of their physical world, they still saw him, and above all, they followed him through following his commandments. I’d like to believe the disciples were still a little anxious, just like me, but they trusted those words that Jesus would always be with them, and that is exactly where I am called to be right now as well.


No matter the change right now in my life, in yours, in everyone else’s, it is knowing Jesus is still with me, and will never leave me, reminds me that TRUST should be enough to carry me on this road, wherever it may lead past May.


Congrats to all those graduating from grade school, high school, college, and beyond in 2008!