It's that simple.

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So my computer broke last week. I mean, really, truly broke. We’re not just talking that my instant messenger was down for a little while, or that I could not access OYM’s website (which I’m positive is tacked into all of your “favorites” on your computers which you visit daily), but I mean, it really broke. My hard drive was shot, dead, gone. I lost everything, from school and life’s documents, to all of my iTunes songs, and the worst, my pictures were destroyed. Obviously, any normal human being who saves their life on their computer would be devastated like I myself was. For 8 days I felt, sadly, lost without it. I know, I know, that sounds completely materialistic, but I did! Instead of having the 24 hour, whenever I want ability to access email, googling the most random things, and but of course, instant messenger, I had to walk across campus to oh I don’t know, the library and check my email there! I know, I’m pathetic, God forbid I walk somewhere. However, I need to openly admit, the effort that it took for me to become accustomed to using computers elsewhere for school assignments, papers, and checking my email regularly, was in fact, a really good thing for me. I got more sleep, I had more time for prayer before bed without my head just hitting the pillow and me passing out, I did not feel like I was involved in the drama that people wanted to discuss with me online right before I went to bed, and I pretty much felt that life was much more simplified. God used the tool of my computer dying…aka, my life being over…(aren’t I a drama queen?) to teach me a very important lesson.You see, for the past three years, my computer has “somehow” developed a problem during this end of the semester period. Ironically, it’s time for exams, and I always joked that God just wanted me to stay a little more focused, study harder, rest up for the big tests! However, this year it hit me…MAYBE God wants me to take some time away from my crazy busy life and make some time for Him. Simplify my life just in time for Advent. For those of you who are already caught up in the fact that Christmas lights are being hung and that Santa is already at the mall, you should remember there is this little thing called Advent that must occur for Christmas to come, but I’m sure you all have it marked in your planners in big purple and pink colors!Advent is a time for preparation. We as Catholics are called to set aside time for God during this insane, fast-paced part of our year when we aren’t nearly focused enough on what we should be focused on completely. Think back to someone you knew who had a baby. Did they spend a lot of time preparing for that baby? I’m betting they did, and why should we treat the celebration of this birth any differently? Yup, that’s what I thought. Our problem is, we’re already so busy enough, (from tests and exams, to making sure we find the perfect gift for every person, to the Christmas parties each weekend) that we forget what it means to actually simplify our lives so much that we stop and remember what this season is really supposed to be about.Last week I was at a praise and worship service, (imagine that, no computer = more time for God) when the pastor brought up something pretty relevant. He read Hebrews 12:1-2… “Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, LET US RID OURSELVES OF EVERY BURDEN AND SIN THAT CLINGS TO US and persevere in running the race that lies before us, while keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus, the leader and perfecter of faith”.Take a breath and let things go. We all need to take the time to go to confession and experience the sacrament of reconciliation, to take the opportunity to rid ourselves of our burdens and sins, to lay all that we worry about down at the foot of the cross, and to actually understand that we must prepare ourselves for this Christmas during the Advent season. The sacrament is offered at YOUR church so just go sometime before mass and do not be afraid! Confession is almost like getting a brand new hard drive; a totally clean slate. As Scripture tells us, having too much weight actually gets in the way of our personal marathon with God. So, why not choose to lighten your load (which does not necessarily mean breaking your computer!). Lift your eyes to God our Father and live your life as Jesus lived His. This Advent season, don’t just SAY you’re going to change, make it happen. Simplify your life, you can do it, one step at a time. :)