Mama Mia!!

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It's the month of May already! They say time flies when you're having fun, and it sure does! Can anyone tell me who we honor in the month of May? If you said the Virgin Mother Mary, you win! (what do you win? um... Mary's love for you forever?!?...sure!)

There is no one like a mother, no matter what form she comes in or whether is she biological or 'like a mother' or just another grandmother, aunt, or friend who is that motherly figure to you. This past school year I had a ministry internship in which I spent each week with women who had been in prison and were trying to get back on their feet. I worked a lot with kids of parents who were currently in prison and a few times we took a trip to Vandalia, MO for a prison visit to see their mamas!

There is also nothing like the sight of a chlid seeing his or her mother for the first time in four months, even if it is happening inside a prision. The kids didn't care what their mom had done, or why she was currently serving time, but rather just loved her because she was their mom and they got to spend a few hours one Saturday with her. That's it, the innocent love for one's mother just because she is his or her mother. This and many other experiences over the past few months have taught me about how blessed I am to have a mom and a beautiful one at that!

But how blessed are WE as Catholics to have more than ONE mom!?! I have a bunch of ladies in my life who I consider a 'mom' to me, but there is nothing like knowing that my Mother in heaven loves me more than anything (and doesn't yell at me when my cell phone bill skyrockets! haha)

I encourage you to take some time this month to pray to your Mother in heaven, and hug your mother on Earth. Mary didn't have it easy at all times, and I'm sure she got stern at the Lord every now and then. She was with Jesus at every moment of his life: from his conception through his "hidden life" in Bethlehem, during his public ministry, at his crucifixion, and with the disciples on Pentecost Sunday, when the Holy Spirit came down upon them. She was both Jesus' model, and an example of perfect discipleship, and she is with you too! Think of all the things your mom has done for you all along in your life...

Mary is the epitome of a phenomenal woman and she loves YOU just as a mother should. 

Enjoy this amazing month and remember to thank and love both of your MOTHERS!!!