New Shoes

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It’s time for some new shoes.  

I don’t know about you but when I was little when August would roll around it meant 2 things… back to school and back to school SHOPPING! Now I went to a Catholic grade school and high school and therefore since shopping for clothes wasn’t really an option, I looked forward to getting brand new tennis shoes. I continuously purchased the same type of tennis shoes… Adidas Osweego… the only change, different color each year.  

A few years ago I stumbled upon a job here at the office of youth ministry. It was just what I needed, and God knew it. I was radically moved in my faith journey through my first year and was asked to reflect upon it. I titled my reflection “Just Five Minutes”, and since I don’t want to make you read something I scrambled to write years back, I’ll summarize.  

I explained how I wished that everyone could have had just five minutes in my old Adidas Osweego tennis shoes. Those shoes which had been worn in 2003 at my first-ever St. Louis Mid-America conference when I sat in the Petite section, row “F” for all sessions… yes that is correct… to in 2005 in which I stood in the front row for all four sessions; the shoes have seen it all and so have I.  

These were the shoes that helped me run clear across campus during the chaos of workshops, skipped me through row ‘M’, gave me blisters during registration, and sometimes plain and simple just had to come off because they were causing stress. These shoes drove my first golf cart and loaded and unloaded, and loaded and unloaded again, the numerous trucks over the summers. These shoes helped me drag 4000+ booklets down a dark hallway and were worn until 4:30am printing name tags. These shoes danced me across the stage to “500 Miles”, “Livin’ on a Prayer”, and “Some Kind of Wonderful”. These shoes have been worn during hugs, tears, a ton of laughs and an incredible amount of prayers.  

The moments in my shoes over the past few summer have truly been life-changing.   

And while the shoes have changed over time from Adidas to crocs, from blue foam sandals to flip flops, all along I still wished people could experience the beauty that I did, from MY point of view. It has been a priceless view from the top, to the bottom, to the front row, to the box, and now to where I will be standing praising, sitting, and kneeling in the summer of 2009 at the Steubenville Youth Conferences … in the rows with some 70 teens from St. Catherine Laboure Parish from St. Louis. I will begin as full-time youth minister at SCL starting next week and I am absolutely ecstatic to be putting on a brand new pair of shoes! 

As for my old ones, well, they’ve been retired but not thrown away. While it has been an amazing, wonderful, and unforgettable journey in them, God has plans, and He’s putting the shoes on someone else starting next summer for the Steubenville Youth Conferences.   So thanks to the shoes which took me every step of the way, and all those who had a part in the experience. Love to all and God Bless!!!