Today, I think I'll go be a King

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Sometimes you have to stop and wonder… what was it like to go and see that baby in the manger? How awesome of an experience could that have been for those kings? You wait and you wait and then after a long journey, you see that light, that star that you’ve been searching for. And behind that star is beauty beyond words.As we are approaching Epiphany Sunday, we see the three kings travel in search of the newborn Jesus Christ and on the way they encounter the star that is their meant to be their guide. The author of the Gospel of Matthew tells us about the most beautiful birth and the most amazing search that has ever happened. That ONE baby boy who came and changed our world forever. And those kings got the blessing of taking the journey searching for none other than that baby, who is Christ our Lord.Do you ever want something in your life? Now, I’m not talking about something material, but something truly substantial? Something that you would journey for with the hope to find that ‘star’ and to see that light, and to finally discover what it is that you’ve been wanting for so long?I’m going to be real personal here. What do I want? I want an answer from God right this minute. For what... you ask? Well, here goes. I want to know where God is calling me to be next year after graduation. This seriously sounds easier than it is, but it is now harder on my heart than ever before. I sit here not knowing where I am supposed to go and I wish God would just tell me. I wish that it’d be an easy choice and that I wouldn’t be scared to trust in the awesome power of God. I wish I could surrender so that I can find my way. Ultimately what it comes down to is that I’m searching for the star in my life and I cannot find it. But I have to wonder, where is this ‘star’ that I’m looking for? Why can’t I just find it already?My harsh reality is that I’m searching for the star without the manger. Confusing? Maybe so…but here’s how I see it; we can’t just look until we see the light; we need to continue traveling on until we reach our one true God, just like the kings did. The star is not enough to search for. We must go beyond that first thing we see, the immediate answer, and just pray that God is using that ‘star’ as a guide to draw us to Him even further. My struggle is learning to trust that this is first of all the right star, and secondly, that Christ is right behind it, with me, the whole way. If I really get down to the nitty gritty, I’ll find that trusting God is going to bring me to that manger, it is going to let me see the face of Christ, and is graciously going to send me to where I am supposed to be. I will, behind the star, somewhere in a manger, find my answer. My answer is with Him, and Him alone.So maybe I’m asking for too much. Maybe I’m not willing to make the journey as I just sit and ask for the answer. That asking is clearly not genuine enough. If Jesus came down to love us, to teach us, and to save us, the least I can do for Him, is take that journey, search for the star, and find Him in the manger. That manger, with the hay, and the ox, and Mary and Joseph, that manger holds my hearts desires. And I pray that whatever it may be that you are searching for in your life, I hope you do not just see the star in the sky, but that you truly are immersed in the blessing of God’s love through seeing Him in that manger face to face in your daily struggles. Go be a king today. Go beyond the star. It is not the answer. The answer can only be found in that manger.