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To Date, or Not to Date ...What was the question?

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Recently, we on the REAP Team staff got a very interesting question from a high school student via email: “Is it worth dating someonewhen you really believe in your heart that you aren’t going to marry him/her?”


Few people in this country marry their high school sweetheart these days. According to the world’s foremost authority on relationships (“Google”), very few people (probably less than 3% of the population) marry their first love; and of the people who do, the divorce rate is comparable to the national average (about 50%). So, the odds of you marrying and staying married to someone you meet in high school aren't great.

…Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. Read more »

Saints: Suited Up.

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This month is going to be cray. 

I spent this past weekend in Kansas City, where the REAP Team staff led two retreats for St. Michael the Archangel parish in Leawood, KS. It’s the first of five out-of-town trips for me over the next month, of a wide variety – back to KC for more retreats, then off to DC for the March for Life with 1800 of my best friends from Saint Louis; after that, a college roomie-reunion in NYC, and then back to KC for another set of retreats.

I’m going to need more travel-size shampoo…

Don’t get me wrong – I’m thrilled! I love to travel and won’t have to grocery shop, since I won’t be home to eat that food anyway. There is no place like home, but it’s always awesome to visit somewhere new and, in celebrating the Mass in other parishes, be reminded that the Eucharist unites us all, all over the world. Read more »

Call me, definitely.

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“Hey! I’m moving on Saturday, do you think you could come by for a few hours and help me out?”

“Birthday party, Friday night! Respond via Facebook ASAP!”

“Winter formal is coming up in a few weeks, want to go with me to the dance?”

“We’re going to be up at school around 8am to set-up, can you come and lend a hand?”


Whenever a friend or family member (or someone we think is cute and has some potential) invites you to join them for any of the scenarios above, there are only two possible responses: yes, or no.

But wait a minute, Rachel, (you’re probably thinking) what about secret option #3 – ‘maybe’? Isn’t that a possible answer, too? Read more »

Happy Easter!

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That’s right, I said it: Happy Easter! Weird title for a blog post in May? Maybe, if you’re not Catholic. But I am… so, Happy Easter!

I’m sure that by now your stash of Easter candy is long gone – and if it’s not… keep those Peeps far, far, far away from me. They’re probably so stale that they could be used as weapons in an emergency situation. And yes, Easter Sunday was over a month ago, so for most of the world, Easter is a distant memory. They’re ready for the next holiday. There are surely some retailers already plotting for next Christmas.

But for us – Easter is still in full swing. It seems hard to believe, but today is Monday of the Fifth Week of Easter in the liturgical year. That means that we’ve still got some time left to celebrate, to feast, to bask in the joy of the Resurrection before we officially move into Ordinary Time after Pentecost at the end of the month. Read more »

Pro-life? Pro-Grey's Anatomy!

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It’s March for Life weekend. Hundreds of thousands pilgrims are flooding into Washington, D.C. right now, traveling by bus, plane, car – whatever it takes, however long it takes, for the 39th annual march protesting Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court case that legalized abortion in the United States. While it’s hard to get a concrete number, last year’s March had an estimated 400,000 participants. And some reports believe that half those marchers are under the age of 30. Our own Office of Youth Ministry’s The Way, The Truth, and The Life pilgrimage is taking around 500 people. Read more »

What in the Word?!

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We are just about ten days away from the implementation of the revised Roman Missal – but you already knew that, didn’t you? I’m sure that you, along with the rest of the English-speaking Church, have been eagerly learning everything you can about what words are changing, and why, right?

Oh…just me, then? Read more »