The Family WE Choose

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It has been a wild summer, to say the least!  Through it all the people that I work with have been there, they have experienced with me the good ideas and the fun ideas that usually result in the bad ideas.  But through it all we always knew that there was someone there for us.  Whether it was running copies, making binders, running to the store or anwering the phone, each of us knew there was a group of people who understood and who cared.

At the recent Steubenville conferences a speaker said to me that she could see that our staff were close and that we all gave of our time to each other so willingly.  My response was easy, "We are family and families do that for each other!" 

Last night we said goodbye to one of our family members.  It was indeed a very hard moment.  We stood in a circle and prayed and none of us wanted the moment to end.  But we let go, and we place her in the arms of God, our Father.  We keep her in our hearts and we keep her in our prayers.  We thank God, for giving her to us and for allowing us to get to know her. We know that we will see her again, and we know that the times shared this past summer will forever remain in our hearts.  Through all the hard work of the summer, through all the things that could go wrong (and did) we created memories that will see us through until we are together again.  Her witness, her call to charity, her love of Christ has touched us all and we are better because of it.  She is part of our family that God chose for us!  God Bless you Sr. M. Bridget! 

Rosanne is on staff at the Office of Youth Ministry and has been involved in Youth Ministry for over 20 years. Rosanne coordinates the Steubenville Youth conferences. You can reach her at