Sitting with a Friend

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Today I sat with a friend.  It was only thirty minutes, but it was the best thirty minutes I spent today.  Have you guessed it yet?  Yes, I spent some time with Jesus! 

While sitting there I started to think about why don't I do this more?  I always plan to and love to, but often I tell myself, I don't have time to pray today.  How many times do we fall into that trap?  I have to costantly remind myself, I don't have time NOT to pray.  Juggling a job, being a wife and mother and trying to give time to my church sometimes can be just too much and often something gets lost.  I need to work harder at not lettling me get lost.  When I don't take time to spend that time with my Friend, I lose. 

Let's all make a committment to take some time each day with our Friend.  He is waiting!

Rosanne is on staff at the Office of Youth Ministry and has been involved in Youth Ministry for over 20 years. Rosanne coordinates the Steubenville Youth conferences. You can reach her at