What Time is IT?

rosanne twellman's picture

A couple of years ago I quit wearing a watch.  I really don't know why and I thought for sure I would miss it.  Before I would always find myself looking at it to see what time is was. 

But since then, I really don't miss it.  I can really live without it.  When I need to know the time there are enough reminders around to let me know, my car clock, my phone, my computer screen, the clocks that seem to be in every room. 

If we only had that many reminders that say - Hey, time to spend some with Jesus.  He sends us great reminders each day to come and sit with Him.  He allows us to wake up, allows us to eat, to drive or be driven where we need to be and he even gives us the freedom to choose Him. 

What time is it?  Time to seek Him who gives time!

Rosanne is on staff at the Office of Youth Ministry and has been involved in Youth Ministry for over 20 years. Rosanne coordinates the Steubenville Youth conferences. You can reach her at rtwellman@archstl.org