Worry, NOT!

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For the last week or so Jesus is talking to his disciples in the gospel readings.  He is trying to tell them about what is going to happen and what he wants them to do.  They did not understand and some of them asked what some might say are silly questions, "we don't know where you are going, how can we find the way?" "show us the Father, that should be enough!"  They just didn't get it! 

Sometimes we don't get it either!  We want the answers, we want to be in the know, we want to see it all, that will be enough!

We can get all wrapped up in the things that are wrong with our lives, we can worry about this and that, but does any of that worry fix it?  I don't know about you, but I am going to try and let Jesus do the worrying and I am going to just try to listen and do as He asks me.

Rosanne is on staff at the Office of Youth Ministry and has been involved in Youth Ministry for over 20 years. Rosanne coordinates the Steubenville Youth conferences. You can reach her at rtwellman@archstl.org