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Worry, NOT!

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For the last week or so Jesus is talking to his disciples in the gospel readings.  He is trying to tell them about what is going to happen and what he wants them to do.  They did not understand and some of them asked what some might say are silly questions, "we don't know where you are going, how can we find the way?" "show us the Father, that should be enough!"  They just didn't get it! 

Sometimes we don't get it either!  We want the answers, we want to be in the know, we want to see it all, that will be enough!

We can get all wrapped up in the things that are wrong with our lives, we can worry about this and that, but does any of that worry fix it?  I don't know about you, but I am going to try and let Jesus do the worrying and I am going to just try to listen and do as He asks me.

Divine Mercy

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Yesterday was Divine Mercy Sunday.  And oh Thomas didn't believe his friends that Jesus had come to them.  Unless I see for myself, I won't believe!  How often have we ourselves questioned good news; GET OUT?  NO WAY?  WHO SAID?  WHERE DID YOU HEAR THAT?  We become Thomas and question God's love for  us.  Each day we need to remind ourselves that He indeed loves us and went to the extreme to make sure that we could be with Him forever.  My Lord and My God! That is where we hear it!

I'll Pray for You!

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Ever said that to someone?  I often say it to people who are troubled, not feeling well, have a struggle in their life, stressed to the max, etc.  In that instant when I say that I will pray for them, I lift them up to the Lord.  How wonderful would it be if we could pray for every person we encounter each day, and then later pray for them all over again?

The Family WE Choose

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It has been a wild summer, to say the least!  Through it all the people that I work with have been there, they have experienced with me the good ideas and the fun ideas that usually result in the bad ideas.  But through it all we always knew that there was someone there for us.  Whether it was running copies, making binders, running to the store or anwering the phone, each of us knew there was a group of people who understood and who cared.

At the recent Steubenville conferences a speaker said to me that she could see that our staff were close and that we all gave of our time to each other so willingly.  My response was easy, "We are family and families do that for each other!"  Read more »

All Access

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When the theme for the conferences are annouced each year we look at it and see how we will be living out the theme.  So this year we pondered on the theme and wondered how we would live out it. 

All Access to the Father!  But it has seemed to be the year of NO access.  We have had doors locked, phone systems go down, internet shut down and computers locking up and not working.

What do we do when this happens?   Yes, Go to the one who gives us access.  When we get frustrated that things are going wrong, access the One who gives us all we need.  He gives us the peace we long for each day.  All we have to do is go the access he gives us. Read more »

Sitting with a Friend

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Today I sat with a friend.  It was only thirty minutes, but it was the best thirty minutes I spent today.  Have you guessed it yet?  Yes, I spent some time with Jesus! 

While sitting there I started to think about why don't I do this more?  I always plan to and love to, but often I tell myself, I don't have time to pray today.  How many times do we fall into that trap?  I have to costantly remind myself, I don't have time NOT to pray.  Juggling a job, being a wife and mother and trying to give time to my church sometimes can be just too much and often something gets lost.  I need to work harder at not lettling me get lost.  When I don't take time to spend that time with my Friend, I lose.  Read more »