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Buying a Good Book

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Yesterday I went out to buy a good book. In fact it was THE Good Book. I have a paperback bible that I use frequently. I have taped the edge of the cover to keep it from fraying more than it has. Read more »

Going to Church

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I remember as a youth being reluctant to get up on Sunday morning for Mass. It just seemed like I got to sleep when there was my dad calling us to get up. I would roll over and try to catch a few more minutes before he was back down the hall calling our names again. Even today sometimes I just roll over when the alarm goes off and think, Oh, I'll go to a later Mass, I'm too tired to get up now. But what a celebration we have at our fingertips not just once a week, but every day. Each and every day we can go and meet with Jesus in an up close and personal way. We crowd around movie stars and professional athletes, shouldn't Jesus be crowded around also? He is right there waiting for us to ask for Him. He does more than give us an autograph, He gives us Himself, each and everytime we ask. What are we waiting for? He is waiting for us!