Meet Intern Laura

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In January of 2015 the Office of Youth Ministry welcomed three Spring Interns into our ministry team. We are excited and blessed to have them join us in serving youth ministry in our Archdiocese of St. Louis! Today I want to introduce you to Laura, so check out somethings she shared with me:

Laura Dieckhoff

School and Year? Sophomore at Saint Louis University

What are you studying? Theology with a minor in Biology

Home Parish? St. Mary’s- Pierce City, MO

When did you take ownership of your faith?

I think I really began to take ownership of my faith during my senior year of high school. As I started looking at colleges the desire to go back to a Catholic education was always in the back of my mind, but when I was planning for my future, God sometimes got lost in the shuffle of worries and anxiousness. I realized I wanted an environment that valued the same things I did, my faith and spiritual development. SLU wasn’t really on my radar for the longest time, but the way things fell into place was a huge blessing. Starting college was really the point when I started to look at how God was going to fit into all these things I had planned for myself, and that He had better plans than my own. Since coming to college I’ve begun the slow process of taking my faith off the back burner and making it a part of every aspect of my life, not just the parts I want it to fit into. For me, taking ownership of my faith meant turning the unknowns in my life over to God while I worked on listening and being active in my relationship with Him.

What sparked your interest in youth ministry?

I attended a Catholic Church camp each summer in my home diocese up until high school, and have been volunteering there each summer since then. The way Camp Re-New-All shaped my faith as a child had an impact on me like nothing I have experienced in my life thus far. I wanted to be a part of providing kids with those kinds of experiences that invite the Holy Spirit to spark a passion and enthusiasm for forming a relationship with Jesus and learning more about their call as Catholic Christians.

Recent glimpse of God? I have a group message with a group of close friends back home and the other day we were sharing how we plan on deepening our relationship with God and challenging ourselves this Lenten season. It was one of those moments that I saw why God puts certain people in our lives to share with each other our shortcomings and our successes and be encouraged by them as we move forward.

Coffee or Hot Tea? Hot tea, good for the body and the soul.

Favorite dessert? Why do these questions require me to be so decisive? Is it even possible to have only one favorite dessert? I really don’t think so, but my top two are probably cheesecake and ice cream.

Favorite character? It’s currently Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. She’s bold, determined, and hardworking. She knows what she’s passionate about and always makes the people she loves a priority.

Born and raised in St. Louis. I am a memeber of St. Joseph Church in Manchester. I was a core member for two years at Incarnate Word Parish and was a youth minister for seven years at St. Joseph Church. I was a coordinator of youth ministry for the OYM for four year and became the directer of the OYM in June of 2012. I am married to my lovely wife, Samantha, and we have an awesome son, Angelo and beautiful daughter, Gabriella.