"Risky Business" - A Parent's Guide to Managing Teen Behavior

Date/Time: Wednesday, January 17, 2007 at 7:00 pmLocation: Visitation AcadamySpeaker: James Schieffer, CCP Counselor, ChaminadeFor more information please check out www.ParentNetworkStL.org Parent Network of Catholic High SchoolsThe Parent Network of Catholic High Schools (PNCHS), founded in 1990, is an association of members from archdiocesan and independent Catholic high schools in the St. Louis area. It is dedicated to promoting family wellness and Christian family values through education and mutual support. Representatives from the schools meet monthly as a Parent Network Board to share ideas and strategies for better parenting. The Board plans events and prints material to support parents in their effort to deal with teen issues. Topics presented can range from communicating with teens, teenage drinking, drug abuse, and unchaperoned social events, including Spring Break trips, to chastity and spirituality. In addition, some schools have their own smaller Parent Network associations.The Parent Network of Catholic High Schools prints a Resource Booklet and offers these booklets to member schools (of PNCHS) at cost. Each participating area school then distributes this booklet free of charge to its parents. PNCHS also offers two or three presentations each year to parents in the St. Louis area. All parents are welcome.