The Chocolate Side of Life

Join the Office of Catholic Scouting and Catholic Committee on Girl Scouts for a sample of some of God's goodies at the sweetest of all retreats!  

Have fun with assorted friends, cample the live music, enrich your faith, relax and unwrap the goodness you have within!

Who: Assortment of Catholic Girl Scouts. 7th-12th grade during the 2008-09 school year.  

Youth Cost: Indulge yourself for $30.00 per person for lodgin, meals, chocolate, more chocolate and materials. Need based scholarships are available. 

 Youth Staff: We are looking for highschool age Girl Scouts who would crave helping us plan and would like to indulge in being part of the youth staff at the retreat! You will also be able to participate as well. This makes a great service project! 

Adult Staff: We need an assortment of registered GS Adults to help us with the weekend! $10.00 fee to cover food cost. 

Forms due July 11,2008  

Visit or call 314.792.7608