BB's, Bullets, and Innocence Lost

"Paper bulls'-eyes and tin cans were no longer satisfying. Without really discussing it, Todd and I silently headed to the woods knowing that it was time to "graduate" to a new level of excitement by shooting at moving targets. Once in the woods and out of the sight of adult eyes, we passed his BB gun back and forth, alternating shots. Finally, Todd pumped up the gun, took careful aim into a tree, and pulled the trigger. A bloodied bird fell to the ground near our feet. We knelt over the bird and cried like babies as we watched it die. Guilty and shocked, we both ran home to confess our crime and seek solace in the arms of our mothers."

Read more of [BB's, Bullets, and Innocence Lost]( by Walt Mueller to explore the *virus of violence* present in the media experiences of young people today, and learn how to begin answering this problem in concrete ways that will help them regain their innocence.