Bizarre-O's Christmas Vacation

Greetings E-Man! I hope that your Christmas was merry and your year is new!

I just wanted to let you know what happened during my Christmas vacation - Santa visited the Bizarre-O house and gave the dog a [high-tech gift](! After that, I was so excited to open up my gift because the box said "Computer" on it. But, [it wasn't exactly what I expected]( Alas... So what if the dog's gift was cooler than mine? It wasn't like I needed to [take out my disappointment out on anyone]( or anything.

So that was Christmas here in Bizarre-O world. From here, I'm heading out [on the road]( awhile. There's no telling [where in the world I'll end up](, but be assured, I'll send word as soon as I get there!

ps. You might think that it is strange that my dog is now receiving calls on her cell phone. Maybe so, but please don't forget that we also receive calls from the dog. Wait. No. I've got that backwards. We each receive a [call from GOD]( And this week (January 9-13, 2006), just happens to be National Vocation Awareness Week. How's that for Bizarre?

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