Choose Christ: Contemporary Songs of Faith

Designed to serve as a stand-alone songbook for special occasions and to add contemporary songs to your existing repertoire, [Choose Christ]( suits the particular needs of your community! When combined with the contemporary titles in your missal or hymnal program, Choose Christ provides a comprehensive repertoire of popular, recently written songs and psalms for a variety of liturgical and non-liturgical celebrations. Perfect for use in LIFE TEEN XLT, devotions, small prayer groups, youth group activities, confirmations, retreats, and much more. A smart choice for communities that value today's music!

* A total of 54 songs, including the best music from Spirit & Song and Spirit & Song 2
* Keyboard and guitar accompaniment editions available
* New songs by fresh and familiar artists, including Matt Maher, Curtis Stephan, Angus McDonell, Ceili Rain, Jesse Manibusan, Sarah Hart, Greg Walton, Tom Booth, Steve Angrisano, and many others
* Assembly edition with the "supplement cover" fits easily into OCP's large missal covers and hardcover hymnals with plastic pockets on the inside back cover
* Assembly edition with the "standard cover" has a full-size back cover and is designed for use as a stand-alone booklet