Crossroads Music Festival a Success

Wow, what a day! That sums up CrossRoads 2004 in a single sentence.

We kicked off the day with music by [Matthew Baute]( before lunch and followed it up with an afternoon of Catholic music by the [Chris Shepherd Band](, [Samedaykings](, and [Ryan Meyers]( The 'kings took the opportunity to premiere their new CD at the festival. And Ryan Meyers played a great set even though he and the band had arrived from Mississippi at three in the morning. As only dedicated young musicians could, they drove back that night and flew out to a gig in California on Sunday.

Dinner was slightly delayed which gave us an opportunity for 4:00 mass in the chapel with a standing room only crowd. Our thanks to Fr. Ralph of St. Louis Abbey for pitching in.

The [REAP Team]( kicked off the evening with some zaniness and personal testimony. Then [Danielle Rose]( took the stage for a solo set of beautiful acoustic, and sometime a cappella, music. Working mostly from her new CD, "Mysteries" Danielle led the crowd through reflections on some of the mysteries of the rosary.

[Greg Walton]( came on and rocked the house, beginning with Elvis Costello's "What's so funny bout Peace Love and Understanding." His set included "Won't Back Down," "La Bamba" and the theme from the Wizard of Oz, along with a raft of strong originals and Greg's personal testimony of how Jesus change him and his family.

After the concert the space was prepared for worship, what we called "the Main Event." [Karl Zimmerman]( and Band prepared the way with some driving worship music before Greg Robeson took the mic for a talk titled "the School of the Eucharist." His talk led into an extended reflection on key scriptures and benediction before the Sacrament. The area on all sides of the altar had been layed with carpet and worshipers were invited to lay at Jesus feet in total submission. Hundreds of people, mostly youth, took part in this annointed moment.

The day wrapped up with Karl bringing the tempo back up for some rocking worship and praise, after which most of the crowd headed for the coffee house and a little open-mic style entertainment.

Sunday had breakfast for early risers followed by the Rosary in the chapel, praise music and outdoor Mass under God's own lights.

If you came to CrossRoads this year [and over 500 of you did] we're looking for feedback from you. Just hit the link from the homepage: []( And if you've got pictures, we need those too. Send them along to . Check out the webpage for developments on next year's event. Thanks to everyone for coming out and we hope to see you next year.