Danielle Rose Weekend

A [weekend of discussion, reflection and music](http://www.stlyouth.org/calendar/day.php?day=2005-04-22#299) is planned for April 22-24 featuring World Library Publications recording artist and Catholic Music Missionary, Danielle Rose. Friday, April 22, Youth Ministry Workers are invited for an evening of discussion, story, prayer and meal. Saturday, April 23, local sixth, seventh and eighth graders can explore their faith in “Express Yourself”, a day of music, art and prayer, also featuring Danielle Rose. Sunday, April 24, Danielle Rose will appear in concert at 2:00 pm. All events will be held at St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic Church, at 3854 Flad Avenue, in the Historical Shaw Neighborhood. Learn more in [this flyer](http://www.stlyouth.org/calendar/downloads/299.pdf).