Disciples Now

*The place for Catholic Teens on the web.*

Disciples Now is a web-based ministry providing youth in grades 6 to 12 with access to the best Catholic content on the internet. What makes Disciples Now unique is its focus on teens and not just on the adults that work with them.

Rooted in the traditions, life and mission of the Catholic faith community, Disciples Now complements parish youth ministry and Catholic school campus ministry experiences. Disciples Now provides opportunities to lean, to discuss, and to celebrate the challenge of discipleship in the context of daily life.

What will you find at Disciples Now?

* *It's Catholic*: Articles, reflections, Scripture, selected readings, and documents on Catholic teachings and traditions
* *Celebrate*: Lectionary-based adolescent catechesis and reflection
* *Our Life*: Segments on youth culture and everyday discipleship including movie and music reviews, profiles of teens who are making a difference in their communities, Q & A columns, Catholic internet radio, and more
* *Interactive*: Moderated chat room, discussion forums, polls, games, and trivia
* *Connections*: Links to parishes, schools, and dioceses
* *Links*: Categorical listing of links, randing from content archives and Catholic educational institutions to religious communities and Catholic entertainers
* *DN Recommends*: Suggested books, music and videos for Catholic teens

Ready for more info? Check out [www.disciplesnow.com](http://www.disciplesnow.com/).