Generation Life: A Success?


Last month 1600 teens, chaperones and young adults from the Archdiocese of St. Louis attended Generation Life, a pilgrimage to Washington, DC to participate in the annual March for Life.  Travels were safe and relatively incident free.  The evening programs were met with rave reviews.  The weather, during the March and the touring day, was great for January in DC.  We were even able to join the half-million plus person March smoothly and without incident, keeping our entire group intact.  But the success of the trip is yet to be determined.

This year, with the 40thanniversary of the Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions as our backdrop, we reflected on our Jewish ancestors’ 40 years in the desert before entering the Promised Land.  We were both encouraged and challenged by their perseverance in faith.  And on the Last night, Fr. Chris Martin urged us to be the light of life in our culture of death.  During the trip, 1200 high school teens and their chaperones were challenged to be Pro-Life not just for the few days they attend the March, but throughout the year.  How we respond to that challenge will truly determine the success or failure of Generation Life.

Whether you were a part of the pilgrimage or not, join us in our commitment to be a Generation of Life.  Below is a video that will show you just a few of the many opportunities we have to build up a culture of life right here in the St. Louis area. We have also uploaded a commitment card that you can share with your church, school, or other group in order to encourage those around you to live our call to promote life in all its forms.

Commitment Card

 WholeWwwwlaoidWholal;;lkjs nmnbWith your help, Generation Life can truly change the world.  The movement is already starting to get attention.  Check out the links below to see news coverage of the pilgrimage.
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