Good News

We have GOOD NEWS to share with you! Our [Steubenville St. Louis Mid-America]( conference sold out within 2 weeks. This is 1/5 of the time it took last year - 10 weeks. Over half of the 2,050 participants are from the St. Louis area this year!

[Project Life]( registration will open March 1st and we anticipate another sold out event for 100 teens to experience a community service week this coming June. Throughout the week the teens will experience how their service changes their heart more than those they serve.

We held our third [VITAL]( training this past weekend. Youth ministers and adult core members left re-energized and equipped to continue building youth ministry within their parish.

Thank you to everyone who supports the OYM! These are just a few of the fruits of your prayers and finances! We still need your support! Please continue to pray for the OYM, all youth ministers, young adults, and young people of the archdiocese, and all of the upcoming summer events. Please consider supporting us through a donation. Our [Be There Campaign]( is still running and we invite you to "BE THERE" for young people of the archdiocese. You can [donate online]( or send your donation directly to our office.