Matthew Baute

Local singer/songwriter [Matthew Baute]( has just released his debut CD of twelve all-original contemporary Catholic Christian songs. The album "Love Wins All" has been well-received by teens, adults, teachers, youth ministers, religious and priests alike. Matthew was the Lifeteen music director at The Immacolata last year, and is currently active with the LifeTeen music program at Holy Trinity parish in St. Ann.

The album features the upbeat praise & worship song "Sing Out & Praise," the anthem "Yes, We Believe," a great Communion and adoration hymn that affirms the Catholic belief in the True Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, and a peaceful song of comfort and reassurance titled "Come To Me," based on Matthew 11:28-30.

The title track "Love Wins All" focuses on the importance of forgiveness, an act which is one of the deepest and most powerful expressions of love. The song describes the experiences of the Pope ("man in white") who forgave his attacker after being shot, Cardinal Joseph Bernadin ("man in red"), who forgave and brought back into the Faith the young man who had falsely accused him of sexual abuse, and Jesus ("Man in God"), who forgave his persecutors from the cross. The overriding message in all of these stories is that in the end, if we forgive, love does indeed win hearts and minds to the truth, for the glory of the eternal Father.

Matthew's hope is that in some small way God will work through this new music to touch hearts. Visit []( to listen to song samples, read the lyrics, and purchase the CD. You can also pick one up locally at any [Catholic Supply]( store.

Amor vincit omnia!

(An article recently appeared in the St. Louis Review about Matthew. Read it [here](