On the movie "Théresè"

On October 1, 2004, the Feast of Saint Théresè of Lisieux, noted Catholic filmmaker Leonardo Defilippis' new motion picture "[Théresè](http://www.theresemovie.com/)," based on the true life story of the popular saint known as the "Little Flower,," is due to be released. However, in order to secure the widest possible distribution for the film in the St. Louis region, your help is needed. Luke Films, the producer of "Théresè," needs assurance of audience demand for the film in order to place bookings with local theaters, and is seeking petitions from St. Louisans who would be interested in seeing the movie if it were shown here. Petitions may be submitted at the film's official website, [www.theresemovie.com](http://www.theresemovie.com/locationform_en.html), and petition forms may also be secured from this office. Other ways in which you can show your support for "Théresè" include:

* Inquiring about group sales, including your name, phone number, zip code, and size of group, to Ben Peterson at or at (503) 546-5680, ext 113.
* Praying for the success of "Théresè," that it might be a beautiful voice for the evangelization of our culture.