Reflection Series Going Strong

We just completed week 4 of our Eucharistic Love series here at the OYM. It has been a blessing for many youth ministers and young adults to come together for some faith sharing and adoration! We have talked about such topics as what it means to await the Lord in the Eucharist, suffering and authentic love. We have encountered the Lord personally through adoration.

There are 5 more weeks in the series and you are all invited to come! That is, if you are a young adult, a youth minister, volunteer, campus minister, or core member! Come let yourself be nourished by the Eucharist as we close out this Year of the Eucharist.

Our Holy Father just began the Synod on the Eucharist in Rome on October 2, 2005. You can support the pope, cardinals, bishops, and priests with your prayers by joining them in praying the [Prayer for the Synod][1].

Come join us next week, October 10, 2005 for prayer and faith sharing on the topic of “Mary’s Intercession in the Eucharist”! It is held at Blessed John XXIII Center from 7-8:30pm. Don’t take our word for it, but listen to some of the experiences of those who are coming:

>"Common life can be messy and the Eucharistic series has satisfied two aspects of my intention to continue searching for Christ this autumn. I enjoy the communion of reality with theYouth Ministry community and this encounter with them teaches me about that intimate place inside each of us that is struggling, creative, ecstatic, deeply engaged and there I find God through what is proclaimed, shared, and prayed. Secondly, to pray with those who have humbly shared themselves before Jesus present in the Eucharist helps to overcome the twists and turns of daily life and ministry. Thank you OYM for this opportunity to pray together for His Church, His Teens, and ourselves."

Check out the [Eucharistic Love][2] page of our web site for more information.