Response to the Arrest of Jeffrey Eisenbath

Dear group leaders, chaperones, and parents,
I wanted to make you aware of a situation that has unfolded regarding a youth ministry volunteer who was present in the Generation Life Pilgrimage this year and has chaperoned several other youth ministry events in previous years. Mr. Jeffrey Eisenbath, who was a chaperone for Sacred Heart parish in Troy on the Pilgrimage, has been arrested by the civil authorities for possession of child pornography and felony invasion of privacy related to placing cameras in private restrooms, including in a restroom at Sacred Heart in Troy. These charges are public.
While we currently have no indication that any misconduct occurred on the pilgrimage if you or your child saw anything suspicious we encourage you to contact the authorities and the Archdiocese of St. Louis immediately. Anyone with a child who may have been associated with Jeffrey Eisenbath, within Lincoln County, is encouraged to call the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office hotline number 636-528-8546 Ex. 9999.
These allegations are most disturbing and this behavior is an egregious violation of the trust we place in those who serve our young people. Please pray for the victims of these crimes. If you have further questions related to the safety of your child, please contact the Catholic Youth Apostolate at 314-792-7000.
Yours in Christ,
Brian J. Miller
Executive Director
Catholic Youth Apostolate Archdiocese of St. Louis