Righteous B

Who can ignore the juice and jurisdiction of rap music's influence on popular culture? In the last 5 years, hip-hop albums have dominated year-end sales, music awards, and radio stations. It's magnetism is manifest in everything from commercials, to fashion, to film stars. Hip-hop's powerful sway finds it's hand in all genres of modern music- from rock to country. And no matter how remote, rural, or suburban a place might seem - there are always traces of hip-hop influence to be found. Regretfully, in a culture of young people starving for hope and truth - most of hip hop's influence leaves this generation with hearts that are hungry. Yet, as a hip-hop junkie, [Righteous B](http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/epk.asp?epk_id=19899) cherishes the channel where he can unleash the passionate, confrontational verses that charge his music.

Now, every artist's bio boasts transparency in his music - however Righteous B punches it up a notch on the "keeping in real" meter, as the rawness of his music captures his heart. Says Righteous, "My music is a reflection of my personality. My life is there in the groove... my struggles, my emotions, my passions, and my stupidity are tucked into each album". However his CD's are sizably more than autobiographies. With an energy level on target to turn clubs topsy-turvy, plus lyric after lyric of bonafide truth - his music brings a freshness to the stale, zestless scene of hip-hop today. One of the fortes of the B's technique is his ability to blend different breeds and brands of hip-hop together into one traffic-stopping, head-bobbing hit. His sizzle-sick loops and meaty hooks serve up many unique creations - from bangin club anthems to the foot-stompin' pop fare.

View his [electronic press kit](http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/epk.asp?epk_id=19899) online. He is currently booking shows for this fall / spring, which usually includes a concert and a talk. Consider it, yo! BOOKING PHONE: 704-873-7877 PorchRocking Records