Let this declaration rise across the world that the samedaykings (sdk) have arrived by the goodness of the Lord. Sdk, one of the new hot local Catholic Christian Rock bands, has risen from the ashes of secular sounds and accepted the challenge of ministering the Lord’s message via music to the masses. It has been said that people with dreams and ideas more often than not fail to act upon or achieve those dreams. It takes a special kind of person(s) to find the strength and energy inside and heart and soul to match. Sdk is just that, a special collective of spiritually grounded, faith based Disciples of Christ who have done exactly what they set out to do, reach their dreams. sdk have just released their freshman CD effort of 10 all-original rock Catholic Christian songs.

The album, "Places We’ve Been", is covered in an alternative-rocky feel with a pinch of passion and a dash of faith, hope & prayer. Upon listening to the CD, you instantly sense the heart-felt pain and struggle of having a daily consistent relationship with God on songs like, "I do not understand" and "Heal me". However, songs like, "I know", a hook-laden uplifting tune, make you feel like they were the kind of songs you could have heard on Ed Sullivan in the 60's. There also is a nice change of pace with just the piano and vocals in, "You are my love", that is refreshingly pleasant and gives a really clean crisp feel in juxtaposition with the other pieces of the CD. Lyrically, it is about time that an artist shares with the world that it is ok to be human and have faults. Their special blend of lyrics and music truly tells a story that can reach even the deepest recesses of darkness.

Personally & spiritually, it takes a lot of guts to put yourself out on the line with something like this. Thank God samedaykings took that risk. Some have asked just who the samedaykings are... well I can tell you that they are 4 men, willing to take the risk to wake up not just the Catholic Youth and communities but the youth and communities of the world, God willing...

Visit sdk at their [website]( to order their CD, check out photos or to find out when they play next or email them at with any questions or comments.