Spring Break

Ahh Spring. What a great time of year, flowers blooming, birds chirping, spring cleaning, and the best part of all Spring Break. In the past few years Spring Break has taken on a new meaning to many high school and college aged students. Many will take trips to far off places to escape the pressures of every day life, but what really happens while they’re on these getaways. If your child is going on a Spring Break trip there are a few things you should know about before you say bon voyage: [Spring Break 101](http://www.health.org/newsroom/rep/208.aspx). Some sites recommend that parents watch some of the MTV spring break footage (starting today) to see what it's really all about. It may seem like a crazy wild shenanigan, but don’t worry hidden in a small part of MTV’s web site they have some spring break safety tips: [MTV Spring Break Saftey](http://www.mtv.com/onair/ffyr/protect/sexetc_mar_04.jhtml). These tips may discourage drinking but the overlying message sent is: don’t worry, let go, be responsibly promiscuous, have fun. So when it comes to spring break what’s a good Christian parent to do? Check this out: [www.lifeway.com](http://www.lifeway.com/lwc/article_main_page/0,1703,A%253D159590%2526X%2...) If your child is going on a spring break trip you may want to discuss a few things with them before they go: [Spring Break Top Ten](http://www.alcoholpolicysolutions.net/sb_top_ten.htm)

Not all spring break trips are wild and crazy, but it would be silly to put on blinders to the truth about these types of trips. Many spring break trips can be positive life changing experiences. Several area high schools and colleges are going to be leading groups of students to do service work in Mexico, Brownsville Texas, and other various places. It’s also important to realize that not everyone leaves this great town for spring break. There’s nothing wrong with staying in good old St. Louis.

The goal of this is not to scare you or to make ALL spring break trips look horrible or bad, but it’s good to know before sending your teens off what the challenges they may face will be. Let’s pray for all teens on spring break no matter where they are, that they make wise and healthy decisions and that they have a fun and safe spring break.