Sr. M. Consolata Crews is Named Acting Director of the OYM

Sr. M. Consolata Crews has been appointed acting Director of Youth Ministry for the Archdiocese of St. Louis. Fr. Bob Smoot, who has served as the Director of the Office of Youth Ministry since it was founded in 1999, is beginning a leave of absence which he requested and was given permission from Archbishop Burke. Fr. Smoot shares his reasons for this leave and his thoughts and prayers in his blog. Sr. M. Consolata and Joel Stein will maintain the full-time duties of the OYM. The [REAP Team]( will continue as usual. Rosanne Twellman is remaining with the OYM now part-time and will assist with some of Brian Niebrugge's former duties as well as coordinate Steubenville St. Louis. The many recent changes of the OYM present a variety of challenges. However, they also present many opportunities for growth and for the movement of the Holy Spirit. All OYM planned activities will continue, including [VITAL](, [Project Life](, [Steubenville St. Louis]( and [World Youth Day]( Meanwhile, the Archdiocese is prayerfully reviewing further staff for the OYM and how to best lead the OYM through this period of change. Please keep the OYM in your prayers and most importantly pray for the young people of the Church! May this be a blessed time that bears much fruit ahead!