Steubenville Experience 2013

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Our Conference has taken some major strides in the past few years and here are a few of the facts and figures regarding this year’s conferences. This year between weeks 1 and 2 of the conference we witnessed over 6,600 people in attendance on the campus of Missouri State. Young people listened to talks given by devoted Catholics and leaders in ministry; they offered themselves to Christ in Adoration and washed away their sins in the sacrament of Reconciliation. There was also, as always, a presence and influence coming from the religious priests and sisters of the archdiocese which has been shown to increase discernment among Catholic youth who attend the conferences. This is written about in more detail in the Review which can be found here

This year marked new steps for our media presence. Our Blogging team used multi-media to reach out to the teens and those unable to attend the conferences, by Tweeting, posting on Facebook, and the new additions of Instagram and Vine. Over the two conferences the Instagram account gained over 1300 followers, and Vine graduated to over 500 followers.The St. Louis Review wrote an article about new media which can be found here

Another new threshold for the conference was the transition to a High-Definition production of the events. Much credit goes to the production team for artful renditions of the “Chosen” logo and images of the Sacred Heart that were shown on screen during adoration to create a contemplative environment. As Ben Govero, creator of the images said before placing the images on screen, “Let’s turn this arena into a chapel.”

Finally, this year marks the 15th year for the OYM’s Rosanne Twellman. For 15 years and a calculated 49,471 youths, Rosanne has been the Coordinator of Events in the Office of Youth Ministry and has sought to create a smooth and functional experience for groups as they register, comply with policies, plan lodging and seating for the Steubenville conferences. We owe many thanks to Rosanne for her years of service and passion for working with the youth. 

The St. Louis Review also wrote an article about Roseanne that can be found here