Top Music Countdown

Looking for an inexpensive gift that a fellow youth minister, teacher, catechist or parent of a teen will love and use throughout the year? Consider purchasing a gift subscription of Top Music Countdown.

For over 20 years, [Top Music Countdown][1] has helped youth ministers, teachers and parents incorporate popular music into their youth gatherings, lessons and family discussions. Now, Top Music Countdown is available on the Web! A new issue of Top Music Countdown is posted online each month. Using your personal username and password, you are able to go to their [web site][1] to find the latest issue. Each issue includes a listing of 25 top songs on the charts, the issues discussed in these songs, the song lyrics, and suggested discussion questions and activities. This countdown is accompanied by articles from a variety of writers, giving you additional ways to incorporate music, movies, technology and other elements of youth culture into your programs or family discussions.

A one-year subscription of Top Music Countdown is available for only $30 per year. If you have questions, or if you would like to order a subscription for yourself or someone else, go to their [Web site][1] or call them at 707-542-8273.