Your Name - Karl Zimmerman

You might recognize the hockey mullet or his smooth voice, but it's Karl Zimmerman's passion for Jesus Christ that makes his music special. Karl has played in the house band at Steubenville the past few years and has been doing music ministry for teens all over south county, including helping to get XLT started there. Now Karl has completed his second CD, Your Name. The CD has twelve songs, most of which are originals. Many of these songs are used at noon mass at St. Catherine Laboure or at St. Clement's Life Teen. Your Name, a rock song praising the many names of Jesus, the upbeat sounds of *Blessed Be Your Name*, *Spring Training*, a song about getting in spiritual shape, and St. Catherine's 2003 Jubilee song about faith and works, *More Than A Prayer*, are some of the songs on this CD. The album is a little edgier than Karl's first CD, [Friends3](, with more guitar band arrangements, sequenced loops, and rocking praise and worship. Check out [Karl's website](