Young Adults

What you need to know before living together

“Cohabitation has become a highly accepted practice for our generation. More than 60% of today’s teens and 62% of young adults believe it would be a good idea to cohabitate before marriage.” Are you seeking a relationship that will last a lifetime? Stephanie Wood explains the consequences of cohabitation before marriage and how it leads to more brokenness and shorter relationships. Seek to live the way God created us to live as committed and happy beings. Check it out in [What you need to know before living together](


All For the Glory

Do you need to be rejuvenated? Then check out this [Young Adult Conference]( offered by Franciscan University. Grab some friends and head out east for a weekend to 'give all the glory' to God.

"Whatever you do, do everything for the glory of God." 1 Corinthians 10:31


Opportunity to Serve

NET (National Evangelization Teams, Inc.) is a Catholic ministry that trains Catholic young adults, ages 18-30, to serve for a school year doing retreats for high school and middle school aged youth across the country. Typically, we have eight teams of 10-12 volunteers, each of which serves 7-10 dioceses throughout the course of the year.

We are looking for men and women for who are excited about their faith, want to share it with others, and don't mind long days, low pay and extensive travel in confined quarters from August, 2004 through May, 2005 while serving youth in approximately 70 dioceses across the US. If you, or someone you know, fit this description, please visit our [web site](, e-mail , or call Kara at 651.450.6833 for an application or more information. Application deadline is July 2.


Road Trip Under God

Be a part of a 9 day road trip full of peace, prayer, and patriotism to discover how GOD’s presence is in your life and every life in our country. HE lives in all events. This formation retreat is meant to help you see this in your every day life.

See the country. Stop at ground zero. Be a part of HIS America Fest 2004. Make a difference. The message is simple: we, the young adults of America, want GOD to remain in the center of our lives and country.

Let the "smile on your soul" come alive as you travel the United States, embracing and spreading the truth that: This is HIS America!

Who: Young Adults ages 18 to 35.

What: Cross-country road trip by bus returning by airplane; includes formation, faith-sharing, evangelization, prayer, sightseeing, music festival & more!

When: July 17 - 25, 2004

Where: From Orange County, CA to New York, NY & on to York, PA for the 2 day HIS America Fest 2004.

Route: Depart from Huntington Beach, CA – St. George, UT - Denver, CO - Salina, KS - St. Louis, MO - Cleveland, OH - New York, NY - York, PA.

Why: To declare in a peaceful, prayerful and patriotic way our desire to have God at the center of our lives and country.

Pricing: Approx. $700 per participant, register at [](

Download a pdf flyer of this opportunity here: [](


Your place in the Body of Christ

Young adults. Check out the American Bishops' website at []( and click on the book icon [Stewardship: A Disciple's Response]( and no, this is more than an appeal to your wallet for donations. See what the American Bishops have to say about your place in the Body of Christ in this important pastoral letter.


Achtung Baby! Are you busy from August 1, 2004 thr

Organizers for World Youth Day in Cologne, Germany 2005 are asking for "long-term" volunteers from each country of the world to help them plan the event. Two volunteers from the United States will be selected for the "long term" volunteer positions. Housing, food, insurance, access to public transportation, $200.00 per month as well as spiritual and catechetical opportunities and sight seeing are all provided by the World Youth Day organizers. Volunteers are responsible for transportation to Germany.

Nominees must meet the following criteria:

[list][*]between 18 & 30 years of age
[*]Proficiency of the German (classes will be conducted in Germany to assist volunteers with the language.
[*]ability to establish contact with other people
[*]ability to work with enthusiasm
[*]ability to work in a team
[*]knowledge of World Youth Day
[*]willingness to support the preparations of World Youth Day by doing various jobs
[*]willingness to participate in the spiritual and pedagogic program offered to long-term volunteers
[*]willingness to cooperate in an international team
[*]commitment to the Catholic Church
[*]willingness to progress personally and spiritually[/list]

If you are interested in applying for this opportunity, contact Keith Deisner at [email][/email] in the Office of Youth Ministry ASAP to get your application.