Bizarre-O: Some Cheer for the New Year

Bizarre-OHappy New Year, E-Man!

For my first dispatch of the new year, I've included some of the most useful websites I have found.

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O Baby!

Here's our fall collection of Bizarre-O links:

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Resource and Renewal- Why Reinvent the Wheel When You Can Customize It.

Often times youth ministers ask: “Do I have to create my parishes youth program from scratch?”  The answer is no.  “Why Reinvent the When You Can Customize it”.  No we are not talking about adding chrome and neon lights to your youth room, but sharing your favorite youth nights, retreat ideas, games ect. with other youth ministers and getting tons of new ideas for yourself.  Bring your ideas to share.

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March dispatch

Greetings, E-Man! My travels this month have taken me to the [moon][1] (zoom in all the way to see what the moon is really made of) and back! This is a list of where I've been...

* I visited the world's [smallest][2] website.
* I was reminded how [cool][3] Legos can be... [twice][4].
* I found a replacement for my [PDA][5] and some new Churchy [ringtones][6] for my phone.
* I met the Archangel [Gabriel][7] and the [real][8] Simpsons.

Until next time...

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February Dispatch

A February dispatch from our Bizarre-O Correspondent:

After catching up on the [news]( one day, I found myself wondering what my [future]( holds. So, taking the advice of an old friend, I went to the best place to [contemplate life]('s most pressing questions: [the zoo]( When mid-day came around, I realized that I forgot my lunch. But luckily, I remembered my [cell phone]( At the end of the day, I don't know if I found any answers, but I did get an [idea]( Read more »


Hello My Name is Scott

Being involved in youth ministry it's happened to us all. We're at an event, and when we leave we forget to take off our name tag. Then we venture out into public places, not even realizing our name is still stuck to our chest. Then it happens, someone we have never seen before says "Hello ______". Though most might find this situation to be a little embarrassing, there is one man in this world that is proud of his name tag; [Scott]( has decided never to take his off.