Bizarre-O's Christmas Vacation

Greetings E-Man! I hope that your Christmas was merry and your year is new!

I just wanted to let you know what happened during my Christmas vacation - Santa visited the Bizarre-O house and gave the dog a [high-tech gift](! After that, I was so excited to open up my gift because the box said "Computer" on it. But, [it wasn't exactly what I expected]( Alas... So what if the dog's gift was cooler than mine? It wasn't like I needed to [take out my disappointment out on anyone]( or anything.

So that was Christmas here in Bizarre-O world. From here, I'm heading out [on the road]( awhile. There's no telling [where in the world I'll end up](, but be assured, I'll send word as soon as I get there! Read more »


Christmas Lights Galore

A dispatch from the Bizarre-o correspondent:

Because I'm quite busy [preparing for my travels][4] around Bizarre-O world this Christmas season, I won't have time to send out Christmas cards. Luckily, E-Man has agreed to help me distribute my Christmas greetings to you. Also, some sad news from Bizarre-O World: [Sam][5], the 3 time undisputed "[World's Ugliest Dog][6]" has passed away. We offer our condolences to Sam's family.

The weather outside, while occasionally frightful, reminds me of three delightful things. We are called to be a light in the world ([even in our own neighborhoods][1]). Everywhere we go, we should let our little light shine ([at the computer, too?][2]). And, most importantly, during this season, I'm reminded of the real reason for our celebration ([Christ - the light of nations][3]). From all of us in Bizarre-O world, please have a blessed Advent and a Merry Christmas! Read more »


Faithful Accessories

Our Bizarre-o correspondent has been working overtime to bring you the latest and (open for debate) greatest in interesting websites on the web. Here's two more for you. The first offers you a way to [witness through your iPod][ipod]. The second pays tribute to [a favorite Christian artist][crowder].



Phat Mass

Do you like Anime cartoons, hip hop music, computer games, and the Catholic faith? Then this is the web site for you. Check out []( My personal favorites on the site are the cartoon [SuperPope](, and the game [Pope Wars](



Here at the OYM, we stay on the cutting-edge, and carry with us the heavy burden of frequently influencing ministry, legislation, culture, and now the latest - Volkswagen. They [recently announced]( that they are building a new version of the Popemobile to honor their papal countryman. Sure it seems like it was bound to happen, but we all know that they stole the idea from our WYD 2005 logo, pictured at right. In related news, an [excited eBay-loving German is auctioning](,,20709-1590979,00.html) what Read more »


The Monastery

Five men have found their lives unexpectedly transformed in the [latest incarnation of reality television]( - the monastery.