Travel Journal


After our three hour ten kilomoeter walk, we finally made it to our destination, Marianfeld. The night was full of faith, new friends, and fun.

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After our night out in the cold (it was a bit chilly) we woke up to mass with the Holy Father, 10,000 priests, 800 bishops, loads of cardinals, and one million of our new friends. It was incredible.

We will be leaving our Duesseldorf hotels early tomorrow morning, very early in the morning. We have had a great time traveling, but it will be great to come home, have a big glass of ICE water with out carbonation (an with out having to pay for it) and have a great big beefy burger. Read more »


Viva il Papa!

Yesterday the city of Cologne was jam packed, trains full, streets crowded. Close to a million people anxiously awaited the arrival of our holy father. At 4:30 he cruised up the Rhine river, crowds going wild. Some caught a great glance of Pope Benedict on his mighty boat, others saw him wave from his Volkswagon Popemobile. Today about 6,000 priest and seminarians had an audience with Pope Benidict. Some tell us stories of shaking his hand, all tell of the wonderful experience they had being inspired by their fellow seminarian and priest brothers.

The gorgeous cathedral "dom" of Cologne has been toured by most of our St. Louis crew. There the relics of the gifts of the Maji lay. It is a beautiful place to stop light a candle and say a prayer. Read more »



We have made it. We have spend the past two days in Cologne Germany.

Saying goodbye to our Dutch friends was not easy, we formed great friendships with them. We have been blessed to bump into them a number of times already here in Germany. It has been great.

Some groups have ventured off taking day trips to castles and other German attractions. Some have remained in Cologne enjoying the company of thousands and thousands of their new best friends, attending mass, catechetical sessions, visiting the gorgeous cathedral, and preparing to greet our holy father as he crusies up the Rhine tomorrow afternoon. Read more »


Roermond and Sittard - A Day in Kevelaer

On the morning of August 13th we arose to meet buses at 7:30am to take us on our journey to Kevelaer, Germany. Here we met wth various international groups from places such as Colombia, Germany, Netherlands, and Africa to spend the day together.

It began with a talk by Bishop de Jong and we understood it much better once we set up our transitor radios for the translation from German to English, of course! We celebrated mass in the beautiful shrine church with many priests, including our American ones, and two of our young men had the honor to assist at mass as well. We took a nice walk down the street to wait in line for lunch: rice and curry chicken! Not exactly what one would have expected, but delicious just the same. We enjoyed seeing the sights of Kevelaer and meeting people from all around. The group from Roermond said good-bye to the group from Sittard and headed back to have evening prayer in the Munsterkirk from 7-8pm. Host families joined us for prayer and then escorted us home for dinner and fellowship. Read more »


Roermond News

This morning we awoke for our first full day of Days in the Diocese. After a good nights sleep we enjoyed breakfast with our host families and then gathered together at our meeting place in Melick (a nearby town). We had catehesis, lunch and then we were given the task of going into the city streets of Roermond in search of answers to the question, "How do you make a difference?"
Later we gathered at the church of St. James in Melick to celebrate Holy Mass with our host families. After Mass our families gathered us and now we are home for dinner and an evening with them. The Dutch people ha Read more »


Continents, Churches, Cruises and Castles

Yesterday, 177 youth, chaperones, seminarians and priests boarded 5 flights to Frankfurt, Germany. Upon crossing the Atlantic ocean and arriving safely in Europe Thursday morning, we boarded 4busses and travelled to Rudesheim, where we celebrated Holy Mass at St. James. This church which was first built in the medieval ages, partially destroyed in World War II, and rebuilt in the 1950's. After grabbing a quick lunch at some local restaurants, we boarded a tour boat and spent 2 hours touring the beautiful Rhine River. This part of Germany is richly painted with vineyards, small villages, churches, and castles. Read more »