World Youth Day

World Youth Day

The Pope's heading to Australia and guess what?  (what?)  The OYM is too!  We will be joining thousands of young people from all over the world in bearing witness to Christ!

Celebrate Youth!

Join the Office of Youth Ministry along with Archbishop Burke and Bishop Hermann this Palm Sunday March 16, 2008 from 1-5 as we celebrate YOU- the youth.  This will conclude the pilgrimage of the World Youth Day pilgrim cross throughout our diocese.    Holy Mass will be celebrated along with a talk, praise and worship, and time to recognize the youth for their dedication to following Christ. 

Palm Sunday = World Youth Day?

Did you know that World Youth Day is celebrated all over the globe on Palm Sunday? This year the Holy father has called us to reflect on part of Psalm 119 [“Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path”]( In preparation for World Youth Day 2008 Pope Benedict is challenging all youth of the world to come to know Christ through the [Sacred Scriptures]( Over the next three years the themes of the World Youth Days will be the [Holy Spirit]( of truth, love, fortitude, and witness. Whether we plan on taking the big trip in 08' to Sydney or not, we shouldn't take this challenge lightly. The more we know scripture, the more we will know Christ and be able recognize the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.


Show the world your smiling face!

Late Pope John Paul II. is the grandfather of World Youth Day. It was him, who – in 1984 - initiated the first world meeting of young people in Rome. His idea: Every two years, the Pope invites young people from all over the world to come to one town to experience Christ and his living church.

It was late Pope John Paul II.’s wish to come to Cologne, Germany in August and to celebrate the World Youth Day 2005 with the youth of the world.

We want to say thank you to the inventor of the World Youth Day: By means of the [biggest mosaic portrait]( the world has ever seen. To accomplish this, we need your photograph. From thousands of portrait photographs, your portraits, we will build an image of late Pope JP II. Join us in this [challenging endeavour and unique project](!


OYM World Youth Day Travel Log

In only 4 days a group of 177 people from our Archdiocese will be heading to World Youth Day. Starting next week, you can check out our travel log at []( and follow our adventures!


Over 23,000 Americans Attending

*Taken from*
WASHINGTON, D.C., JUNE 20, 2005- More than 23,000 young pilgrims and 70 bishops from the United States plan to attend World Youth Day in Germany this Aug. 16-21, according to the U.S. episcopal conference.

Benedict XVI plans to attend the event, his first foreign trip as Pope. There are currently 833 U.S. groups signed up, representing almost all the states and 81% of the U.S. dioceses and eparchies. These youth will be joined by an additional 300,000 young people from around the world already registered for the event, The German bishops' conference has set a goal of 400,000 registrants and 600 bishops. In addition there will be over 20,000 volunteers deployed by the World Youth Day organizers to assist pilgrims and bishops throughout the entire program.

Five thousand youth from the United States also will participate in the diocesan Days of Encounter to be held in Cologne from Aug. 11-15. The Days of Encounter provide an opportunity for youth to participate in Mass and other prayers and to enjoy local attractions.