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Biography established on 23.08.1979 on the basis of absorbing "National Museum of Vietnam in Saigon" is here a showcase of ancient art of several Asian countries. Through extensive renovation and expansion of the area, this place has become the place to introduce the history of the people of Vietnam and some cultural characteristics of the South and is home to introduce some of the culture neighboring countries and the region, gives the museum a separate identity and address a lot of youth and domestic and foreign tourists to visit.
Thu Thiem Tunnel: This is considered one of the largest river crossing tunnel in Southeast Asia and the entire route HCMC East-West Highway. Tunnels with a total length of 1.490m, including 371 underground tunnel, 770m long section leading to the shore, make sure to 6 traffic lanes. Besides, there are also two road tunnel exit with ventilation, lighting, water supply systems, fire protection, measurement of air pollution and vehicle counting system ... and loudspeaker systems, alarms when incidents occur.
Thu Thiem Bridge: The bridge crosses the Saigon river winding through the city center. The bridge has six lanes, linking Thu Thiem new urban area and the existing center of the city, the bridge has a length of 1,250 meters, the main bridge span sufficient for 5 to 6 lanes. It has become a favorite place for young people and city dwellers, with many chic cafes for visitors to be able to just see the beauty of the bridge at night and enjoy the drink delicious. Or standing on the bridge, just watch the city lights sparkle at night just refreshing welcome cool breeze inshore, really very pleasant.
Pham Ngu Lao streets: an area that includes street Pham Ngu Lao and De Tham and surrounding neighborhoods in the heart of District 1, which is home to many tourist services establishments: hotels, restaurants, souvenir shop ... with relatively cheap price is the destination of many tourists free. The pace of life here is always more noisy and boisterous nightlife is more than the services of relaxation, entertainment, lodging and dining. Nights here are colorful from the lights, and all the colors diverse culture brings many exciting experiences for travelers.
5. The Saigon tourist destination
Dam Sen Cultural Park: This is a recreation area with the largest scale in Ho Chi Minh City, with an area of ​​approximately 50 hectares and is divided into 30 regions. Construction works are meticulous, with diversified designs and eye bowl decorated with miniatures from the nostalgic to modern, from Asia to European style, with rich games for children and Thrilling games for adults. Especially where there is a tropical garden with 70 species of birds and 20 species of mammals live colony, bonsai 22m high with many rapids, caves ...
Nguyen Hue city walk: The city has a total length of 670m and 64m wide, consisting of two segments: Park statue of President Ho Chi Minh from Le Thanh Ton Street (front office real estate loans) to Le Loi and Nguyen Hue square from Le Loi street to Ton Duc Thang. Here visitors will have interesting experiences as photographed in Saigon Garden is located right in front of the street, where the front is covered in green plants also inside is a combination of a restaurant, coffee, shop time page, floral shop, ... so visitors can comfortably play and enjoy. Explore every corner on a common base 42 Nguyen Hue, where days are also many restaurants, cafes, fashion shops, ... grow up here, especially where there are many famous cafes such as Saigon dear, or Partea ... this is also where photography is ideal for beautiful space. Or you can sit a certain corner of the boulevard where the shade of the trees to be able to sit comfortably chatting with friends. If you come here in the evening the 7th and Sunday the street along from beginning to end of the street there are a lot of groups of young enthusiasts come upon exchange technology and performing arts with performances extremely unique and featured. You can also choose for themselves a cafe above certain to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and watch the beautiful view of the entire city of Nguyen Hue. Especially here also focus more strange and delicious snacks are a lot of young love: Rice paper mix, cake baking, Bouquet, bingsu, peach tea, matcha ... or enjoy the strawberry juice 100% pure west and quality in the small alley on Nguyen Hue Street and many other items for your vitamins comfortable option: sori, guava, pineapple, ...

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