Dysfunctional Love Songs

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Recently Chris Stefanick, speaker from last year's Steubenville Conference, shared an article with me that he wrote.  I love Chris's straight forward and honest words, so if you like people who bet around the bush, don't read any further: 

Dysfunctional Love Songs

By Christopher Stefanick

The lessons packed in the love songs that are getting the most radio play today all seem to have a similar theme: if it isn’t dysfunctional, it isn’t love.  Read more »


Archbishop Carlson warns us not to be complacent

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As we prepare for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ, I thought I would share with you some insightful words from Archbishop Robert Carlson latest blog:

Complacency is an obstacle to the genuine happiness Jesus teaches 

It's easy to confuse happiness with comfort. Our sinful human nature — encouraged by advertising and the entertainment media — urges us to seek comfort for its own sake. Happiness as the world defines it is self-centered. It focuses our attention, first and foremost, on taking care of our own individual needs and desires.

Happiness, we're told, is doing as we please. It means living a certain lifestyle, being liberated sexually and being indifferent in our views about moral issues. We're told we'll be happy if we buy the latest fashions or a new car or the latest electronic gadget. Happiness can be gained, we're told, if only we acquire enough of the material things the world offers as distractions from the pain and difficulty of daily living.

Our culture tells us that happiness is the result of freedom from obligation or responsibility. It is disengagement from the burdens and challenges of life. Happiness, according to the world's values, comes from being in a kind of bubble — isolated and insulated from the suffering and sorrow that surround us every day.

This is not the happiness Jesus preached in the Sermon on the Mount. It is not the happiness He gave witness to in His daily life or in His passion, death and resurrection. For our Lord, happiness (a blessed life or beatitude) comes not by pursuing a life of comfort, pleasure or prestige. It comes by living for others, by giving away all the material things we cling to for comfort and security and by seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.

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Sustainable Youth Ministry

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During some prayer time with a group of youth ministers, Tim McMillin shared with us a book that he found really helpful called Sustainable Youth Ministry.  Everyone was attentive as he shared good and practical information about this book.  Eventually I asked him to write a review on it, so enjoy:

Mark DeVries wrote this book a couple of years ago, however I was just able to lay my hands on it after Eddie Volts, the youth minister at Sacred Heart in Troy, strongly encouraged me to read it.  Honestly, it’s been about a month since I sat down and read the book, and it has already changed youth ministry at St. Joe’s drastically.  Read more »


Steubenville Mid America LIVE CD!

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It is here!

We have the CD in and if you haven't gotten your's yet, then now is the time! You can get your CD a couple of ways:

You can order it online from Catholic Youth Apostolate

or get it on iTunes

The tracks include: Read more »


Adult Youth Leaders Retreat

Date: February 22-24, 2019

Place: King's House in Belleville, IL

Price: $125 Read more »