Pillars of Prayer Intercessory Group

St. Joseph is the man!  And we are inviting you to join him in intercession for us here at the Catholic Youth Apostolate – Scouts, Sports and Youth Ministry!  Will you make a commitment to pray for us, young people, and those who serve them in the Archdiocese? Is that a yes, I hear?  Great!  Thank you!  Our ministry needs to be supported by prayer and that’s why we are starting the Pillars of Prayer. 

What will this entail?  All we simply ask is for you to pray the Litany of St. Joseph daily for the intentions of the office, young people, and those who serve them throughout the Archdiocese.  We will also have monthly times to gather together for adoration and Mass.  Mark your calendars for the 3rd Mondays of the Month from 5-6pm beginning on March 19th – the Feast of St. Joseph!  We will have a half hour of adoration and then celebrate Mass together here at the Cardinal Rigali Center.  Each month we will pass on prayer intentions for the following month.  All you have to do is contact Liz Buncher at 314.633.2503 or lizbuncher@archstl.org to simply sign up!  She will give you the Litany of St. Joseph and you can begin interceding today.  We appreciate your joining the PILLARS OF PRAYER! Read more »



Did you know that 1 out of 8 teens suffer from clinical depression and that in our St. Louis community alone there is an average of 35 adolescent suicides per year? Here's your chance to DO SOMETHING…get your friends together and join the CHADS Coalition for Mental Health for the KIDS WALKING FOR KIDS team fundraising drive on Saturday, May 12, 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. at Creve Coeur Park. This celebration will feature live bands, loads of fun activities, refreshments, great prizes, and most importantly, a memorial walk honoring those who h Read more »


Pope to Meet Youth via Satellite Linkup

Our Holy Father will be using technology to connect young people from various cities in two continents!  Pope Benedict XVI will be meeting with youth in Europe and Asia via satellite to discuss charity and cooperation.  That's one way to bring people together!


Ministry to Non-Christians

As youth ministers, sometimes it is easy for us to get trapped into the mindset of only catering our ministry to Catholic or Christian teens - people who already have a foundation or understanding from which we hope to grow their faith. How then do we respond to an encounter with a person who is not Christian, and in fact may be turned off to Christ.

A recent article on CPYU.org, speaks on most non-Christians' stance on Christianity. Three points are discussed:

  • Most non-Christians do not have a central truth. They are deeply spiritual, but have formed their own religion by "mixing their own unique combination of religious elements"
  • They are turned off to Christianity. Why? Because they frequently encounter Christians acting in an un-Christian manner.
  • They may be interested in Christ, but are turned off to the Church because they percieve the Church to be turned off to them.

If interested in reading more, check out the article titled, "Looking for bus #119."


Benedict XVI speaks to young people

"Dear young people, be everywhere witnesses of nonviolence and peace," the Holy Father said at the general audience on February 7th. "This is important precisely today, and with this generous commitment, you will contribute to build a better future for all."

Check out what Pope Benedict says to you young people about the upcoming World Youth Day to be celebrated on Palm Sunday.