Benedict XVI speaks to young people

"Dear young people, be everywhere witnesses of nonviolence and peace," the Holy Father said at the general audience on February 7th. "This is important precisely today, and with this generous commitment, you will contribute to build a better future for all."

Check out what Pope Benedict says to you young people about the upcoming World Youth Day to be celebrated on Palm Sunday.


Teens: Papal Message - Dare to Love!

To all young people, the Holy Father is speaking to you! Pope Benedict tells you to "dare to love" in his message for the 22nd World Youth Day to be celebrated on Palm Sunday.


Audio Apologetics: Fr. Morris

Were you unable to make it to Resource and Renewal - Apologetics Without Apology this past week? Were you there, but wanted to listen again to Fr. Morris's responses to your questions about the faith. Check out this audio recording of the night!

Some of the topics covered:

  • How to address the topic of homosexuality with a teen
  • How should you explain male priesthood to a teenage girl?


What does this all mean????To go where no man has gone before…Find out more!


Acronym Soup

OCS, CYC, CSBSA, CCSGS, NCCS, NFCYM...What does this all mean????

What does OCS stand for?We would like to introduce you to the OCS!    Office of Catholic Scouting  What do we do here?We promote, direct and support Catholic programs for youth involved in Boy Scout and Girl scout programs from Second grade thru the age of 21.We facilitate eight Catholic Emblem Programs as well as many National Catholic emblem programs for youth. We hold a week long catholic camp, weekend, day retreats and emblem program celebrations.We train adult moderators and counselors to facilitate Catholic emblem programs.We also recognize and award Troops, Packs, Crews and adults with awards for their Catholic units and those adults working with youth as mentors and making a difference in the live of the youth.Did we just crawl out from under a rock?No, The Catholic Youth Council (CYC) formed the Catholic Committees back in the 1950 to oversee the development of a spiritual presence in the Scouting programs. The Catholic Committee on Girls Scouts (CCGS) is a local committee under the OCS and works in cooperation with the Girl Scout Council of Greater St. Louis. Our National Office is the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) located in Washington DC.The Catholic Committee on BSA (CCSBSA) is a local committee under the OCS and works in cooperation with the Greater St. Louis Area Council Boy Scouts of America. Our National office is the National Catholic Committee on Scouting (NCCS) located in Irving Texas.What is our Mission?The Mission is to proclaim Jesus Christ in word and action by serving the needs of every boy and girl, regardless of ability, religious affiliation or ethnic background, to develop discipline and skills necessary to obtain and sustain individual achievements, build character and to develop valued relationships and teamwork, to develop within participants an understanding of God's continuing love for them and their value as an individual, cultivate a spirit of trust and concern for others, inspire a sense of respect for the rights and responsibilities of others as individuals and groups, impart spiritual and moral values, instill ethical standards of conduct, encourage cooperation and team spirit, empower youth and young adults to become active in the Church and community, By providing these healthy, character building activities and programs, we hope to enable youth and young adults to realize their destiny as followers of Jesus Christ.How do you get more information?I don’t want to tell you where to go, but for more info on the OCS programs and services visit our website at and click on the words Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts.  Or contact ME…Ann Lederman at 314-792-7608 or I would be happy fill you in on all our fun, faith filled events!